Ready to change your kitchen

experience forever?

Over the years, we have heard from our customers how radically our product has changed their lives. From simply making life easier to giving you your ability to function independently again, we know adding this to your life will make a world of difference.


You don’t have to be strong to open jars and other lids: one

simple twist and you’re all set!


What does it do?


The Grip Jar Opener gives you the strength to open any jar with little to no effort. You can operate independently again!

lids of Every Size

Our jar opener can open lids of any size with ease. You’re all set from nail polish to large pickle jars!

Made in the USA Since 1977

We know you value quality, and that’s why we’ve made our jar openers in America since 1977.


How does it work?

The Grip makes it easy for you to operate in the kitchen using one quick and pain-free motion.


Insert Jar

Twist to Remove Lid


How do I install it?

setup in 3 minutes or less

We’ve made it very easy for you to install without needing power tools or any extra effort.

Simply apply the industrial adhesive and you’re good to go!

For long-term use, we provide screws to help you stay confident that your opener isn’t going anywhere.


Remove adhesive cover

Firmly press to fasten

Screw for long-term use


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Ready to make your life easier?

  • Lifetime WARRANTY.

  • Carbon steel TEETH that WILL NEVER WEAR.


  • HIDDEN beneath your cabinet or counter.

  • Requires no greater grip than a LIGHT HANDSHAKE.

  • OPENS ANY LID from fingernail polish to a 6” mouth jar.

  • PERFECT AID FOR ARTHRITIS, carpal tunnel and fibromyalgia.