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the grip jar opener

Making the Kitchen Easy for you Again

No matter the size or type of lid, we have you covered.


Giving you your independence Back

You Shouldn’t Feel Helpless In the Kitchen

We know the hopeless feeling all to well of not being able to open a jar or other lid in the kitchen. It can leave you feeling frustrated, helpless, and dependent on others for something you should be able to do yourself! And now you can. Whether you have arthritis, or just simply tired of fighting jars and other lids, having The Grip Jar Opener in your kitchen will guarantee you never struggle with a lid again.

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“I couldn’t live without my jar opener!”

How does it help?


With our carbon steel blades and proven V-grip design, The Grip Jar Opener gives you the strength to open any jar with little to no effort.

lids of every Size and type

The Grip can open lids of any size and type with ease. You’re all set from nail polish to large pickle jars!

hidden out of sight

Since it sits underneath your cabinet, you’ll never know it’s there until you need it! And no more added clutter, taking up valuable space in your kitchen drawer.

NO more pain or strain

Unlike other openers, you don’t need two hands to open jars or other lids. Which means, not only is it easier, but pain free!

14.95 15.95
Order Yours Today!

Never been easier

How does it work?


1. Purchase a Product

Purchase one of the few products still made in America from some of the finest materials including carbon steel blades and durable ABS plastic.

2. Find a Place to Install

After The Grip is delivered to your house, find a clean and concealed spot in your kitchen that you’d like to place your opener.

3. Feel Powerful Again

Once installed, your opener will change the way that you operate in the kitchen, making it easy for you to open the next thing on your list.

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amazon fans

We're excited to say that in August 2019 The Grip brand launched on Amazon Marketplace.

So if Amazon is your thing, you’re only a click away!